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This information is based on research contained in Tom Horn's new book:

The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed

A Terrifying And Prophetic Cipher, Hidden From The World By The U.S. Government For Over 200 Years Is Here

Yesterday the first feature article on my new book Apollyon Rising 2012 appeared at Raiders News Network (see RESEARCHER REVEALS DEEPEST SECRETS OF MAYAN YEAR 2012) and hinted strongly at some of the disclosure I make. The story created a firestorm at Survivor Mall (which has the early release copies that went on sale this week) with so many orders coming in and increasing in velocity overnight it nearly crashed the system. The book hit #1 at some retailers in the last 24 hours. I can’t say how humbling this is and how much I appreciate everybody helping me get the word out. This message is the most important of my lifetime and my secretary tells me that I am booked already on over 120 television and radio shows starting this week. As a result, entries to this series will be spotty for a while, but I will be back with a NEW series of articles sometime around the first of the year... because I believe we may be headed toward…

Great Deception 2012 and the Final Conclave

While a magnificent amount of material has been published in recent years involving the Mayan date 2012, until this book, the world at large has been unaware of the connection between this year and the Great Seal regarding the arrival of Apollo/Osiris/Nimrod and the final World Order.

This includes the prophecies of the Cumaean Sibyl—whose prophecy concerning the return of Apollo is encoded on the Masonically designed Great Seal of the United States—who was (and is) so highly regarded as a true prophetess among the occult hierarchy as well as holding occasions of sacred esteem in the Vatican’s holy places, including the Sistine Chapel. It therefore bears repeating here the concerns of several church fathers concerning end-times great deception, and what they said about Masonic involvement in the religious institution ultimately paving the way for the coming of the False Prophet and Antichrist.

To start with, among scholars of the implications of the year 2012, more than a few have pointed to the contemporaneous prophecy of St. Malachy having to do with “the last Pope.” The prophecy, taken from St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” is among a list of verses predicting each of the Roman Catholic popes from Pope Celestine II to the final pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign would end in the destruction of Rome. First published in 1595, the prophecies were attributed to St. Malachy by a Benedictine historian named Arnold de Wyon, who recorded them in his book, Lignum Vitæ. Tradition holds that Malachy had been called to Rome by Pope Innocent II, and while he was there, he experienced the vision of the future popes, including the last one, which he wrote down in a series of cryptic phrases. According to the prophecy, the next pope (following Benedict XVI) is to be the final pontiff, Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman.

The prophecy:

In persecutione extrema S. R. E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis ciuitas septicollis diruetur, et Iudex tremendus iudicabit populum. Finis.


In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations; when they are over, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome Judge will judge his people. The End.

Some believers in this prophecy say the title Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman) is symbolic of the pontificate, and that the final pope could have a Christian name variation that satisfies this meaning. On this order, the man who in 2002 correctly predicted that the pope succeeding John Paul II would be named Benedict XVI, Ronald L. Conte Jr., believes the next pope will take the name Pius XIII, and that “Peter the Roman” means this pope “will reaffirm the authority of the Roman Pontiff over the Church; this authority is based on his place as a Successor of Peter” and “will emphasize the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Faith and the Roman Catholic Church above all other religions and denominations, and its authority over all Christians and all peoples of the world.” To this, Conte adds, “During the reign of Pope Peter the Roman, the great apostasy begins” and this pope will mark “the first part of the tribulation, during our generation.”

The idea by some Catholics that the final pope on St. Malachy’s list heralds the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation”—and that this is either the current pope or the next one (some debate exists on this)—sets the stage for the imminent unfolding of apocalyptic events, something many non-Catholics would agree with. This could give rise to a false prophet, who according to the book of Revelation leads the world’s religious communities into embracing a political leader known as the Antichrist. This marriage of church and secular government would give unprecedented global influence to the Man of Sin during the period known as the Great Tribulation.

In recent history, several Catholic priests—some deceased now—have been surprisingly outspoken on what they have seen as the inevitable danger of the False Prophet rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences. These priests—as we have done in this series—used the term “Illuminati” not strictly as a reference to the Bavarian movement founded May 1, 1776, by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt, but as indicative of a modern multinational power elite, the occult hierarchy operating behind current supranatural and global political machinations. According to Catholic priests such as Father John F. O’Connor, Father Alfred Kunz, Father Malachi Martin, and others, among this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state.

In a two-hour presentation (available on DVD), Father O’Connor gave a homily titled “The Reign of the Antichrist,” in which he described how changes within society and in the institution were already at work before his death to provide for the coming of Antichrist. In this sermon and elsewhere, O’Connor outlined the catalyst for this scheme unfolding as a result of “Masonic Conspirators” within the organization whose plan, called “Alta Vendetta,” would essentially take control of the papacy and help the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist.

O’Connor was not alone as whistleblower to the vast Masonic conspiracy within the Vatican’s ranks covertly working toward an anti-Christian New World Order. Retired professor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, eminent Catholic theologian and former Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin was a close personal friend of Pope Paul VI and worked within the Holy See doing research on the Dead Sea Scrolls, publishing articles in journals on Semitic paleography, and teaching Aramaic, Hebrew, and Sacred Scripture. In 1965, Paul VI granted Martin a dispensation from his Jesuit and priestly duties, and Martin moved to New York, where he dedicated himself to writing about—and sometimes speaking out on—a variety of issues stemming from the Second Vatican Council, to detailed insider accounts of papal history, Catholic dogma, and geopolitics. As a member of the Vatican Advisory Council and personal secretary to renowned Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea, Martin had privileged information pertaining to secretive church and world issues, including the Third Secret of Fatima, which Martin hinted spelled out parts of the plan to formerly install the dreaded False Prophet during a “Final Conclave.” On this, Martin’s claim that an Illuminati-Masonic group made up of Western plutocrats called “The Assembly” or the “Superforce” had infiltrated the highest levels of Vatican administration and were working to bring about a New World Order, may have led to involvement by operatives of the same group concerning his untimely, some say “suspicious” death in 1999.

Ten years earlier, before “something pushed him” and Malachi Martin fell and later died, he had become increasingly candid about what he said was pedophilic Satanism among certain cardinals and other clergy in league with a secret Masonic diabolicus that began following the “enthronement of the fallen Archangel Lucifer” in the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29, 1963.

In The Keys of This Blood, Martin wrote:

Most frighteningly for John Paul, he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the “superforce.” Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to “the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary”…an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican.

Martin had concealed greater detail of this luciferic “enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican” in his novel, Windswept House:

The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer was effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29, 1963; a fitting date for the historic promise about to be fulfilled. As the principal agents of this Ceremonial well knew, Satanist tradition had long predicted that the Time of the Prince would be ushered in at the moment when a Pope would take the name of the Apostle Paul [Pope Paul VI]. That requirement—the signal that the Availing Time had begun—had been accomplished just eight days before with the election of the latest Peter-in-the-Line.

Martin stated publicly on more than one occasion that the enthronement of Lucifer in Rome was based on fact, and that to facilitate the black magic, a parallel ceremony was conducted simultaneously in the United States in Charleston, South Carolina. The reason this location was selected has remained obscure to many, but given what Malachi said about the Masonic connection, it makes sense that South Carolina was chosen: It is the site of the first Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the United States, called “the Mother Lodge of the World,” where in 1859, champion of luciferian dogma for the Masonic-Illuminatus, Albert Pike became Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, where he served the Order of the Quest until his death in Washington DC on April 2, 1892.

In addition, Charleston, at the thirty-third parallel, was perfect for such an event, according to the logic of former Sirhan Sirhan attorney, Day Williams, because, “If a life is taken close to the…33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”

Martin provided additional reasoning for the South Carolina location:

Such unobtrusive elements as the Pentagram and the black candles and the appropriate draperies could be part of the Ceremonial in Rome. But other Ruberics—the Bowl of Bones and the Ritual Din, for example, the sacrificial animals and the victim—would be too much. There would have to be a Parallel Enthronement. A Concelebration could be accomplished with the same effect by the Brethren in an Authorized Targeting Chapel. Provided all the participants in both locations “targeted” every element of the Event on the Roman Chapel, then the Event in its fullness would be accomplished specifically in the target area. It would all be a matter of unanimity of hearts, identity of intention and perfect synchronization of words and actions between the Targeting Chapel and the Target Chapel. The living wills and the thinking minds of the Participants concentrated on the specific Aim of the Prince would transcend all distance.

When John F. McManus, for The New American, June 9, 1997, asked Father Martin if the Black Mass in South Carolina had actually happened, it led to an enlightening Q and A:

McManus: Your book begins with a vivid description of a sacrilegious “Black Mass” held in 1963 in Charleston, South Carolina. Did this really happen?

Martin: Yes it did. And the participation by telephone of some high officials of the church in the Vatican is also a fact. The young female who was forced to be a part of this satanic ritual is very much alive and, happily, has been able to marry and lead a normal life. She supplied details about the event.…

McManus: In addition…you depict numerous other cardinals and bishops in a very bad light. Are these characterizations based on fact?

Martin: Yes, among the cardinals and the hierarchy there are satanists, homosexuals, anti-papists, and cooperators in the drive for world rule.

Whether Martin was killed and his death covered up for revealing the Masonic-Illuminati scheme to use the Catholic Church as a launching pad for a luciferic novus ordo seclorum may never be known. One year before he died, however, Martin’s very good friend, Father Alfred Kunz, was brutally murdered in his church in Dane, Wisconsin. Kunz had been investigating the same Satanism among “priests” that Martin had warned about, and had told Martin in the weeks before his murder that he feared for his life.

When Kunz was found with his throat slit, Martin went public that the “luciferians” had killed him because he was getting ready to blow the lid off their conspiracy. Like O’Connor had, Kunz and Martin believed the Catholic Church had been specifically targeted for infiltration by members of this Illuminati-Masonic “Superforce” because of the church’s geopolitical influence in the world. In the Q and A with McManus, Martin even added that part of the reasoning behind this choice was:

The Catholic Church has its own diplomatic corps of ambassadors posted in the highly industrialized nations of the world. There are 180 nations that have sent their own ambassadors to the Vatican. No other church commands this attention. Those who are working for the New World Order must bring this unique organization under their control.

Finally from the interview:

McManus: Your book claims that subversive influences in the highest clerical positions of the Church are working to bring it into the New World Order. What do you mean by “New World Order?”

Martin: In its completely planned form…the governments of the world will be directed by those who have climbed their way into the capstone.

McManus: What do you mean by the “capstone”?

Martin: The underlying force I have written about in Windswept House is structured very much like a pyramid. It is wide at the bottom where many individuals work for its goals and hope to be elevated to a higher place. There are fewer and fewer inhabitants in each of the ascending steps in the structure. Only a very few form its ultimate directorate, the capstone of the pyramid.

Long before popular author Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol) characterized an Illuminati scheme to destroy the Vatican, Malachi Martin had pointed to the familiar pyramid symbolism from the Great Seal of the United States associated with the New World Order and had accurately directed investigators toward the conspirators, as well as to the prophetic references of the novus ordo seclorum as arriving when the capstone would be figuratively filled and fitted atop the unfinished pyramid. Whether Martin perceived the year that the conspirator’s plan would reach its zenith is uncertain, but the occult elite have always had their date, which, as readers of Apollyon Rising 2012 will discover, is cleverly encoded alongside the other details of the complete cipher in the Great Seal of the United States, the US Capitol Dome, and the true "Lost Symbol," which exists on the grandest scale in the heart of the most powerful nation on earth, the United States.

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Obama Constructs An Altar Of Zeus


It would be pleasant to think that using the Bible during the US Presidential Oath of Office actually means something to those who place their hand on it and swear to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States… so help me God.” But Obama, who had to repeat his swearing in ceremony after the word “faithfully” was garbled by Chief Justice John Roberts during the inauguration, did so the following day in the Map Room of the White House before a press pool and a small group of aides, and this time, the Oath was administered without the use of a Bible, insinuating to some that the Good Book was only public “eye-candy” in the first instance and also that the Oath of Barack Hussein Obama was biblically invalid.

While this may seem trivial to the average person, what it means to secret orders is consequential. Groups such as Masons (who honored Obama with the first-ever-inaugural ball in Washington, DC, January 20th, 2009) esteem rituals, gestures, the use of books such as the Bible, and Oaths taken by heads of State to be of the highest mystical importance. This is why everything they do is administered through appropriate rituals, initiations and incitations. Ethereal power—including supernatural agents—can be manipulated, bound and released to execute blessings or curses as a result of proper oaths. Breaking an oath can likewise result in dire repercussion in their opinion. Because this is not taken lightly by occultists, members of the Craft would have a difficult time believing the Oath of Office of the President of the US—one of the most hallowed American traditions—was so easily flubbed. The very beginning of the Oath, “I do solemnly swear,” is a spiritual petition. The word ‘solemn’ means ‘an invocation of a religious sanction’ or entreaty before deity to witness, sanction and bless the binding nature of the ceremony to carry out the office or duty. The oath also binds the individual before “God” to faithfully execute the covenant. Thus government representatives make an oath before taking public office, and witnesses in a court of law take an oath to “swear to tell the truth” before offering testimony.

These principles are deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian faith as well as most other religions. Though there is no way of knowing what the Presidential Oath of Office deeply means to Obama or whether the blunder and redo of the swearing in ceremony was anything more than an accident, the unprecedented gaffe was suspicious to some as possibly representing important hidden meaning. Misgivings over it were additionally compounded when reflected against other curious activities and declarations by Barack Obama, which most of the media missed, downplayed, or simply refused to report on, that strongly connected his emergence with occult mythology identified in the Bible as both prophetic and demonic.

An extraordinary example of this was when Obama gave his speech in Berlin, Germany, on July 24th, 2008, titled “The World that Stands as One.” More than a few students of occult history took notice of the symbolism and location of the event, even causing some who until then had rejected any “antichrist” labels hurled at Obama to reconsider their position. This included respected Catholic writer Michael O’Brien, best known for his apocalyptic novel Father Elijah. O’Brien had received numerous letters and emails from subscribers and visitors to his website wondering if Obama was the Antichrist. At first O’Brien wrote that this was not possible. Then a friend that had seen Obama’s speech in Berlin called him, talking about how mesmerizing the speech was and that an announcer over German radio had said: “We have just heard the next President of the United States… and the future President of the World.” By now Obama was conveying an unusual likeness to the Antichrist character of his novel. After watching the Berlin speech several times for himself, O’Brien sent out a newsletter in which he admitted that, while he still doubted Obama was the prophesied ruler of the end times, he had come to believe he was “a carrier of a deadly moral virus, indeed a kind of anti-apostle spreading concepts and agendas that are not only anti-Christ but anti-human as well.” O’Brien finally conceded Obama could be instrumental in ushering in the dreaded Great Tribulation period, and worse, that he was “of the spirit of Antichrist.” [34] After Obama’s term of office was underway, O’Brien pointed out the numerous foreign and domestic problems Obama was facing, including wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possibility of a new war with Iran, and issues related to the crumbling financial systems, saying these obstacles could overshadow Obama and lead to his defeat in the next presidential election. O’Brien then added in what was a clear reference to the coming of Antichrist, “Alternatively, he could become the ‘Great Facilitator,’ negotiator, peacemaker, working marvels throughout the world as he moves from one seemingly unsolvable problem to another.”

Because it is true that any significant public political event requires both forethought and symbolic meaning, the location where Obama gave his Berlin speech in front of Berlin’s Victory Column contributed to O’Brien’s conclusions. The site was offensive to educated Germans as well as to Christians and Jews because of its ties to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. It was nevertheless oddly appropriate, for it was upon this exact location that Hitler had planned to enthrone himself in the Welthauptstadt Germania—the new “World Capital” upon winning World War II.

During the 1930s, Hitler commissioned Albert Speer “the first architect of the Third Reich” to design the new capital. As part of the plans, the “Siegessäule” or Berlin Victory Column—a 226-foot monument topped by a golden winged figure representing Borussia, the female personification of Prussia, and Victoria, the cult goddess of military victory—was removed from its location in front of the Reichstag building in 1939 and relocated to its current location in the Tiergarten, a 495 acre park in the middle of Berlin where Obama gave his speech in front of the Nazi symbol.

Rainer Brüderle, deputy leader of the liberal political party Free Democrats in Germany complained to the newspaper Bild am Sonntag: “The Siegessäule in Berlin was moved to where it is now by Adolf Hitler. He saw it as a symbol of German superiority and of the victorious wars against Denmark, Austria and France.” This represented a serious question In Brüderle’s mind as to “whether Barack Obama was advised correctly in his choice of the Siegessäule as the site to hold a speech on his vision for a more cooperative world.” Another German politician named Andreas Schockenhoff was equally disturbed, saying, “It is a problematic symbol.”

Evidently it was not problematic for Obama, who stood in front of it and saluted the German audience in a way eerily similar to what Adolf Hitler used to do, followed by thousands returning the salute, which is against German law. When Obama ended his speech in front of the war goddess, he said, “With an eye toward the future, with resolve in our hearts, let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again.” This is exactly what Hitler had promised to do and exactly where he had planned to memorialize it.

Of greater significance and not far from where Obama delivered his rousing speech, is the Great Altar of Zeus in the Pergamon Museum. According to several reports, Obama visited the Great Altar while in Berlin, which is especially important given what he did on returning to the United States. Before we examine Obama’s revealing actions, consider carefully what the Bible says about the Altar of Zeus in the letter to the church in Pergamos (Pergamum, Pergamon).

“And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and has not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth” (Rev. 2:12-13).

In the Greek, the phrase “where Satan’s seat is” literally means, “where a throne to Satan is.” Scholars identify this throne or ‘seat’ as the Great Altar of Zeus that existed in Pergamos at that time. So important was the worship of Zeus in ancient Pergamos that perpetual sacrifices were offered to him upon the towering and famous 40-foot high altar. Antipas, the first leader and martyr of the early Christian church is believed to have been slain on this altar, slowly roasting to death inside the statue of a bull, the symbol and companion of Zeus. The phrase in Revelation 2:13 “wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth” is considered a citation of this event.

Approximately two-thousand years after Revelation 2:13 was written, German archeologists removed the massive altar of Zeus from the ruins of Pergamos and took it to Berlin, where it was restored as the centerpiece of the Pergamon Museum. It is here that Hitler first adored it, later building an outdoor replica of it from which he gave a series of speeches that mesmerized many Germans.

“Fast forward about another 75 years,” says blogger El Gallo. “Another charismatic young politician mesmerizes huge German crowds with a rousing speech in Berlin. Barack Hussein Obama…. [and] did Barack Obama visit… the Great Altar of Zeus…? Presumably he did.”

Whether Obama received inspiration from the throne of Satan while in Berlin or not, what he did next was astonishing. Upon returning to the United States, he immediately commissioned the construction of a Greek-columned stage from which he made his acceptance speech for his party’s nomination. Because Greek temples such as those built to honor Zeus were thought to house the patron deity, the GOP ridiculed Obama, mocking him as playing Zeus of “Mount Olympus” and accusing his supporters of “kneeling” before the “Temple of Obama.”

The New York Post ran an enlightening Convention Special supplement on August 28th, 2008 with the telling headline: ‘O’ MY GOD: DEMS ERECT OBAMA TEMPLE blazoned across the front cover. But it was not until blogger Joel Richardson pointed out how the design of Obama’s stage was a dead ringer for the Great Altar of Zeus [39] that Obama’s campaign managers tried to explain away the design as being a conglomeration representing the portico of the White House with the U.S. capital building. “But experts agreed with Richardson,” Gallo wrote, “it was a replica of the Great Altar of Pergamum.”

Thus, incredibly, like Hitler, Obama had honored the goddess Victoria with his presence before ordering a replica of the biblical throne of Satan built, upon which he accepted his date with destiny.

A final troubling disclosure at the conclusion of this entry may cast light on why Obama seemed fascinated with such anti-Christian symbolism in the lead-up to his election victory. A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the 17th century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” This leader will command “the strongest army on earth” and will bear “a clear sign” from the third imam, Hussein. The prophecy concludes that: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the “promised warrior” who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? Amir Taheri asked this very question for Forbes Magazine in October, 2008, pointing out how “Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean ‘the blessing of Hussein’ in Arabic and Persian” while his “family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means ‘he is with us,’ the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.”

Leap forward to 2009, and Barack Hussein Obama on June 4 gave an unprecedented speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt declaring that he is launching a new era between the United States and the Muslim world. For the first time, Obama was forthright about his Muslim heritage and stated that the United States—which he is on record as saying is “no longer a Christian nation”—is now “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” Newsweek editor Evan Thomas followed the president’s speech with a declaration reflected in the opinion of many, that “Obama is standing above the country, above the world, he is a sort of God.”
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U.S. Passes 50 Million Abortion Mark

Posted on Jan 25, 2010
by Michael Foust

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--At some point during the past two years the United States experienced its 50 millionth legal abortion, the overwhelming majority of which were conducted for reasons of convenience.

The tragic statistic -- which spans the 37 years since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide in 1973 -- is based on data compiled by the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute and tallied by the National Right to Life Committee. Guttmacher's data is respected by both sides of the issue and comes directly from abortion clinics.

The mark of 50 million was passed in 2008 and likely approached or reached 52 million in 2009, although data is not yet available for that year. The 50 million figure actually is an estimate based on Guttmacher data from 2005 -- the last year of data -- when 1.2 million abortions were performed. The abortion rate ranged between 1.2 and 1.3 million from 2000 to 2005. If the same number of abortions performed in 2005 were performed in each succeeding year, then the number stood at 52 million at the end of last year.

To put the total in perspective, the combined number of military deaths in all of America's wars –- from the Revolutionary War to the second Iraq war –- is 1.2 million.

"We've been brutalized, desensitized and paganized by an ever-rising flood of the unborns' blood as our nation continues to abort roughly one out of every four babies conceived," Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said.

"I can still remember the Bible lesson I heard as a youngster in Sunday School about how the people of God turned their back on the One True God and went down into the Valley of Hinnom [2 Chronicles 28] to offer up in pagan sacrifice their little children to the pagan god Molech. I could never have imagined then that I would live to see the day that America would offer up its unborn children as pagan sacrifices because they were viewed as too expensive, too embarrassing, too ill or too inconvenient."

Although pro-choice leaders often claim a solid majority of Americans support the status quo on abortion, polling paints a very different picture. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll from September 2008 showed that 10 percent of registered voters believed abortion should always be illegal and 37 percent believed it should be legal only in cases of rape, incest and to save the mother's life -- totaling 47 percent who oppose the current laws. Similarly, a Los Angeles Times poll of 1,039 registered voters in October 2007 found 50 percent believed abortion should either be totally illegal or legal only with those three exceptions.

The reason the abortion rate in America is so high is because the Supreme Court's 1973 ruling was so far-reaching. Roe v. Wade -- coupled with the court's companion Doe v. Bolton ruling -- legalized abortion for any reason at any point of the pregnancy. That has led to a society in which 86 percent of abortions are done for convenience, according to a 2004 Guttmacher study of women who had had abortions. Rape and incest each were cited by less than half of a percent of all women who underwent abortion. Twenty-five percent said they weren't ready for a child, 23 percent said they couldn't afford to have one, 19 percent said they didn't want any more children, 8 percent said they didn't want to be a single mother or they had relationship problems, 7 percent said they were too young to have a child and 4 percent said they believed a child would interfere with their education or career.

The reason that some polls show Americans supportive of Roe, pro-lifers say, is because they don't know what it accomplished. Pro-life groups this year once again are sponsoring a website -- -- with 13 multiple choice questions to help educate the public about Roe's reach.

"In spite of its impact, the true understanding of Roe and what it accomplished remains relatively vague in the public consciousness," the website states. "The ongoing debate over federal funding of abortion in the proposed health care legislation has demonstrated that Roe continues to be a contentious issue for many Americans. It is imperative that we, as citizens, understand the facts about what Roe does and does not do."

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Aliens and the Antichrist

The following article is over 15 years old, but I believe the premise that it supports is true. We have many, many examples of the influence of aliens, UFO's, etc. in popular culture and media, and the amounts continue to grow.

Stand by for news that is far more shocking than any fiction, but oh, so very true, and Biblical. This news will seem shocking and crazy, as crazy as unsaved people felt Noah was when he was building his boat for 120 years. That crazy.

The drumbeat continues to roll toward ever higher levels on the theme of UFO's and Aliens Among Us. This theme has been prevalent in New Age literature for many years and has developed into an article of religious faith for many people who have been caught in the lie of the New Age. However, this theme is now becoming ever more prevalent in the mainstream media of TV and movies. Consider the a few of the instances of TV shows and movies which have carried the alien theme: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Star Trek E.T. Alf Mork and Mindy Star Wars Trilogy Star Man TV UFO "documentaries" abound, including "Unsolved Mysteries" CBS Movie, "Intruders", two-part series in May, 1992.

Let us pause our examination of this UFO/Alien phenomenon for a few moments as we examine the time frame in which we are living, and the applicable Biblical framework.

We have already demonstrated that we are living in the Last Days of time, the time which will see the appearance of Anti-Christ, the Great Tribulation, and the Second Return of Jesus Christ. And, we have already demonstrated that THE hallmark characteristic of the End of the Age is prophesied to be unparalleled deception. Let us examine this prophesied deception.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 -- In this section of Scripture, Paul addresses the misconception among the church at Thessalonica that the Day of the Lord has already occurred. Paul emphatically states, "Let no one". Jesus stated the same warning against deception in Matthew 24:4; He has just been asked by His disciples what THE sign of the End of the Age would be. Jesus gave them many more signs than just one, but His first response was, "Be careful that no one misleads you, deceiving you and leading you into error". Jesus repeats this warning twice more, in verses 11 and 24. In verse 24, Jesus adds that "false Christs and false prophets will arise...and will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, the very elect" (God's chosen ones). In other words, the End Time deception will be unparalleled; it will be accompanied by truly extraordinary signs and wonders. We are not to be deceived. Truly, unparalleled spiritual deception is THE hallmark characteristic of the End Times.

No one can understand the times in which we live, nor can anyone understand the New World Order, unless they understand Biblical prophecy and doctrine.

Now let us return to our Scripture passage in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."

This is the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians)..." We have spent considerable time exposing the great and unparalleled apostasy in which the majority of Christian denominations are participating today. We are at this point in world history today, fulfilling this part of this prophecy. Paul continues, "...and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, ..." Of course, this man of lawlessness is the Biblical Anti-Christ, as predicted in Daniel 9:27 and confirmed by Jesus in Matthew 24:15.

The major point which we want you to grasp from this passage is that the end result of this unparalleled deception will be the appearance of Anti-Christ. This is such a critical point, I want to repeat it: The planned end result of this tremendous program of deception is belief in the Anti-Christ.

Paul continues, verse 9, " The coming of the lawless one, [the antichrist] is through the activity and working of Satan..." This verse tells us that the source of this End Time delusion will be Satan. Make no mistake about it, Satan's supernatural power will produce the most incredible deception the world will have ever witnessed. This deception will seem so incredible, people's minds will literally be blown away. At this point, we must remind our listeners that Satan and his angels, also known as demons, are capable of transforming themselves into human and non-human forms so as to deceive people. As Paul stated so eloquently, "..Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." Keep this fact in mind as we study UFO's and Aliens.

Now back to Paul's revelations.

"... and will be attended with great power and with all sorts of pretended miracles and signs and delusive marvels.. all of them lying wonders -- And by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing because they did not welcome the Truth, but refused to love it that they might be saved." The only people who will be deceived will be the unsaved; this truth ties in perfectly with Jesus' assertion in Matthew 24, where He says that the Elect, God's chosen people, would not be deceived. This deception of the unsaved takes on tremendous significance because of the next verse, "Therefore, God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false". This very frightening verse reveals that God Himself gets involved at this point, deliberately hardening the hearts and minds of those people who have rejected the Truth of the Gospel. If this is your situation, you must resist the Salvation call of the Holy Spirit no longer. Turn now to Jesus Christ, while this world is still in the Age of Grace, before God sends this tremendously-powerful delusion upon the unbelieving world.

Finally, Paul reveals the final intention of this strong delusion, sent by God, "In order that all may be judged and condemned who did not believe in the Truth, but instead took pleasure in unrighteousness." This strong deception will be part of God's Judgment upon the wicked.

Let us now examine this phenomenal buildup of UFO's and Aliens. Aliens are depicted in movies, TV shows, and science fiction novels as: Just like us in many respects. More intelligent and more advanced technologically. Friendly beings able to live at peace, thus being able to teach us warring humans to live in peace. Having only our own interests at heart.

"...In 1982, Michael London of the L.A. Times gathered together a group of 8 people experienced in UFO and extraterrestrial encounters for a special screening of Steven Spielberg's movie "E.T." London noted the following reactions of the group to the movie:

`This is a true movie, not a romance. It's part of a CONDITIONING PROCESS TO PREPARE US FOR THE ARRIVAL OF ALIEN BEINGS.'

`The movie is a vehicle...It invites the audience to be less afraid of the so-called para-normal. And what better place to start than with the children?'...Everything is being done through the children..."

Everything is being done through our children, and has been for over 20 years. Thus, the first generation to be so conditioned are now having children, who are also being conditioned. What is the purpose? Remember that the Movie and TV industries are openly hostile to Christianity and are very obviously New Age. Also remember that the #1 objective of the New Age is to successfully stage the appearance of Anti-Christ.


New Age leaders believe people will be much more inclined to accept the claims of Anti-Christ if they have been first conditioned to believe in the existence of friendly alien beings. At this point, we need to stop once again to examine relevant Biblical passages.

* 1 John 4:1, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God." This statement, in Verse 2, states in the positive, that "every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh..", but it also carries the negative connotation as well. We can also accurately state that such spirits "seek to sever Him" from being God. This is precisely what the False Cults, especially the New Age Religion, is attempting to do.

Notice that the Apostle John does not question whether spirits actually exist; he knows demons exist and he knows that his Christian audience knows they exist. John is saying, "Test the spirits [which will arise], to see if they are of God." Notice also that the time frame context of this passage is the Age of Anti-Christ; these spirits will be denying that Jesus Christ actually became a man and has come in the flesh; indeed, they will be seeking to sever the historical, fleshly Jesus from the Divine Jesus Who was and is God. This is precisely what this UFO-Alien deception is attempting to do.

Now, consider another applicable Scripture, from Jesus:

* Matthew 7:18-20, "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit...Therefore, you will fully know them by their fruits."

Let us examine the fruits of the UFO's by examining the accounts of those people which have been contacted by them. An excellent source is a French scientist, Jacques Vallee, in his book, "Messengers Of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults". Mr. Vallee is a world-renowned scientist. He brings a non-Christian scientist's empirical thinking to this study.

Let us first examine the subjects which UFO's are teaching the people with whom they have contacted, whom he calls "Contactees".

1. Out-of-Body Experiences (p. 73)

2. Spirit communication (p. 123)

3. Automatic Writing (p. 123)

4. Some people go into trances, where voices are giving them messages. (p.85)

5. UFO's use crystals for power, even for powering their space-craft. (p. 109)

6. Some people who have gone through this spiritual transformation begin to see an increase in their psychic awareness. (p. 83-84).

7. The process by which their human consciousness was raised was the precise manner in which demonic forces work. It is thought transplant." (p. 78-79). At this point, I want you to be aware of the dangers of hypnosis, and how New Age hypnotists are using it. When a person undergoes hypnosis, they are surrendering their consciousness to the hypnotists. They can be programmed in any number of ways, especially to the point where they will respond to certain actions, in response to specific commands. People who report being contacted by aliens are being asked to undergo hypnosis so that they can "regress" back to the scene and "recall" their experiences with the Aliens, memories which have been repressed by their conscious mind. However, this is not what is happening. What is really happening is that the hypnotist is implanting scenes in the minds of the person who has been contacted. This person then "remembers" what they have been programmed with, and the "memory" seems so real to the contactee they really believe the lie themselves. In this way, they then become very effective witnesses that can and do convince other people. Stay away from hypnosis, even for medical procedures.

8. Seances (p.69).

9. Doctrines on the existence of superior races, of people with chosen missions, references to Atlantis and ancient astronauts..." (p.57, 103). Notice this binds UFO's with Nazism. But the New World Order is Nazism re-born.

10. "The expectation of higher intelligence is beginning to look like a form of worship...(p.66)

11. Aliens utilize standard New Age terminology when they communicate with their human "contactees". The best illustration of this is their teaching to the "contactees" that "the Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy" are preparing to intervene again in world history, to lead mankind to a higher level of consciousness. "They will select a human person and endow him with superhuman powers and knowledge. This man will lead us to world government and world peace." (UFO: End Time Delusion, David Lewis, p. 46.

Who is this selected man? Maitreya the Christ, the Biblical Anti-Christ!! This match in wording and concept clearly shows that the "Guiding Spirits" of New Age writers are the same "Guiding Spirits" for the Aliens. Or does it mean that the Aliens are the "Guiding Spirits" which have been instructing New Age writers all these many years?!

All these practices are classic occultism! Further, as Christian author, David Lewis states in his book, UFO: End Time Delusion, "Without exception, every person claiming an [Alien] contact...had one thing in common. Each had a prior connection to metaphysical activity or cults. Some had been in devil worship, witchcraft, psychic phenomena, New Age, channeling...Those involved in direct contact with UFO aliens already had a connection to the dark side of the supernatural world." Thus, people today who have thus given themselves over to Satanic activities in some degree are the ones who are being used to deceive people further into believing in UFO's and aliens. Then, Lewis adds this comforting statement, " Christian..has ever had a direct encounter with an alleged E.T." (p. 15-16). Thus, God is already protecting His Elect from this Satanic deception. Praise His Holy Name!!

Now, let us examine the stated goals of UFO's and do so in a way in which they are compared to the printed goals of the New Age Movement seeking to establish the New World Order.

1. NWO: Abolish all established Government

UFO: Abolish democracy in favor of dictatorship

(p. 103, 113).

2. NWO: All religion must be abolished.

UFO: All religion must be abolished. (p. 93).

3. NWO: Establish One-World Government;

UFO: Establish a single world government, a Utopian Benevolent Dictatorship. (p. 113)

4. NWO: All world's religions are equal and will one day be combined into one.

UFO: All world's religions are equal. (p. 121)

Thus, the goals of UFO's match very well the goals of the New World Order. Further, UFO Aliens are teaching their contactees concepts which, if carried out, would fulfill last days' Biblical prophecy.

1. Single World Economy. (p. 57)

2. Elimination of Money (Cashless Economy) (p. 57)

3. There will be universal peace (p. 57, 103)

Remember the Apostle Paul's prophetic warning in 2 Cor 11:14, "...Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." To condition people to believe in the concepts of the New World Order, Satan has caused his demons to physically manifest themselves as Aliens, traveling in UFO's, complete with highly technological machines. Do not underestimate Satan; he is the Lord of this world, and he is now being allowed by the Holy Spirit to intervene in unparalleled ways in today's world. The results are going to be spectacular.

However, we believe the world has seen nothing yet. Consider again Biblical teaching about Anti-Christ's kingdom.

* Revelation 13:13, He performs great signs (startling miracles)...because of the miracles which he is allowed to perform...he deceives those who inhabit the earth commanding them to erect a statue in the likeness of the beast..."

These supernatural or seemingly supernatural miracles will lead men directly to the worship of Anti-Christ. This is precisely the planned result of these UFO's and Aliens.

The shocking reality is that Satan has been manipulating world events to achieve his One-World Government, Economy, and Religion through Secret Societies, Communism, Nazism, the New Age, and UFO's. The final merger into the New World Order is almost complete. UFO Aliens and Space ships are nothing more than demons which the Holy Spirit has allowed in this final age to physically manifest themselves in our realm.

And, make no mistake about the fact that the vast majority of the world's peoples are ready to be deceived. Christian author, David Lewis, states in his book, UFO: End-Time Delusion, that a Christian would "have a hard time getting [the idea of demons] across to an average, non-religious person, and to a certain extent, even to some religious persons. Most people in Christian circles...have very little consciousness of any supernatural type of activity."

This concept might shock anyone who has grown up in a family which takes the Bible literally. However, Dr. Lewis is correct that most people today, including many who consider themselves Christian, have no understanding about the reality of demons. And this has been Satan's plan from the beginning. Consider the concrete steps which Satan has carried out among the peoples of the world who were formerly fundamentally Christian, which have brought them to such a point of Biblical ignorance.

1. For several generations, most people have been rejecting the Truth of Jesus Christ.

2. The inevitable end result of this rejection is that people then stop reading the Bible, or applying it in any way in their lives.

3. Satan is then able to implant the idea that the Bible is not to be taken literally, that it is just a collection of myths and legends.

4. Once people begin to accept the idea that supernatural beings, either Godly or Satanic, do not exist, then Satan can begin to proceed to the next step.

5. Step #5 is to convince people that the only reality which can be accepted is that which can be observed through our five senses. If man can sense something through one or more of his physical senses, then he will believe it exists.

6. Satan then proceeds to the next step of convincing men that if something works, it must be true. Thus, men become susceptible to demonic activity, because their system "works" with great power. Further, such men are incapable of properly identifying this demonic power because they have already mentally ruled out the possibility that supernatural beings exist.

7. Finally, Satan begins to proceed, in stages of ever-increasing frequency and power, to his final Alien deception. Alien beings and UFO phenomenon begin to appear with increasing frequency and contact. Since men disbelieve in the existence of Supernatural beings, they assume the reality of these demons, accepting the lie which these demons are telling, that they are an Alien race from another world. This other world is supposedly more technologically and spiritually advanced than Planet Earth. Therefore, when the Aliens of this more advanced world tell us their religion, we are expected to adopt it, rejecting our own ignorant, uninformed, and outmoded religions, especially Christianity.

In ancient times, this story of deception continues, Aliens visited Earth and intervened in history to give man increased knowledge, from which he was able to build such ancient wonders as the pyramids. Finally, this story teaches that Aliens carried out genetic experiments which changed humans from the Stone-Age being he was to the modern man of the last several thousand years.

Now, the time has come, the Aliens say, for them to intervene again in world history. This time, they will intervene to save man from himself: from his wars, hatreds, spiritual illiteracy, and from his environmental damage. These Aliens will accomplish all this by raising up a man who will be imbued with a special level of consciousness, and who can lead the world into that same level of consciousness. Of course, this man will be Maitreya the Christ, the Anti-Christ.

Do not be deceived. As Cooper stated, in his book, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 177, "[New World Order Planners] have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, an extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make sure it does work...The Illuminati has all the bases covered..."

The demons of Satan's army will soon physically manifest themselves as Aliens, arriving in armadas of space ships which we have heretofore called UFO's. The plan calls for them to suddenly appear at many places on Earth simultaneously. Some will appear at the White House to confer with the President; some will appear at the United Nations; other aliens will appear at key governmental buildings all over the globe. Aliens will appear in some people's homes or on their front yards. The world's peoples will literally be shocked out of their minds. This is the

Plan. This may occur before the worldwide Rapture of the Church; we must be prepared to deal wisely with this planned phenomenon.

Finally, let us examine pertinent passages which may speak to this UFO/Alien plan.

Revelation, Chapter 9, speaks of demons which are released from the bottomless pit of Hell, called the Abyss. Resembling locusts to the Apostle John, they will stream over the earth to afflict and torment unsaved people. Their leader is called Abaddon or Apollyon. Incredibly, the New Age writings refer to these beings constantly, by these names, as being "enlightened" leaders of the New Age.

In Revelation 16:13-16, we see three spirits of demons which come out of the mouth of Anti-Christ; they perform such great signs and wonders that they deceive the rulers of the earth. This is precisely the part of the Plan which Aliens are to perform. They will especially deceive the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Queens, of the governments throughout the world.

Everywhere the message will be the same. "We have come to help lead our Earth brothers into a new level of consciousness of which Maitreya the Christ is speaking." Aliens and UFO's will literally hover over and around Maitreya as he is staging his appearance. This is the Plan.

What will be the reaction of the vast majority of the peoples of the world? They will be absolutely astounded beyond words or imagination. Since their minds have already rejected the concept of the physical existence of demons, and have been conditioned to accept as reality anything which they can observe through their physical senses, they will accept these Aliens and their incredible claims. Alien conditioning through books, magazines, TV, movies, and even the trash magazines of the Enquirer variety, will have taken hold. People will believe and allow themselves to be lead away into spiritual error. They will accept the claims of Maitreya the Christ, the Anti-Christ, and will be doomed forever.

Those who have given themselves over to the occultic practice of meditation whereby they have communed with their 'guiding spirits' will be predisposed to believe. Likewise, people who have given themselves over to occultic hypnosis, during which they have been preprogrammed to believe, will be deceived. People who have filled their minds with Science-fiction novels will be predisposed to believe. And all mankind will believe because they are without the Truth of Jesus Christ. Upon all such peoples, the Godly deception will fall, to permanently set their deception.

Biblical prophecy will have been fulfilled. The Anti-Christ will deceive the entire unsaved population of the world. He will proceed to sign the peace treaty with Israel and the Great Tribulation will begin.

Do not be deceived. The hour is late, indeed.

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"It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine" E-Book Review

Following is a review that I wrote on a prepping E-Book written by the author of  Daily Survival Blog

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the E-Book entitled “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine”. The book is in PDF form and is 29 pages long. The writing style is down to earth and easy to follow.

The first thing that I usually do when reading any online publication is to scroll through and scan the document. I’m not really sure why, but I like to do this. The first thing that I noticed is that the book is concise and to the point. There are a lot of prepping books out there that are considerably longer, but have less substance. I really liked the fact that the author picked the essentials and concentrated on them instead of covering all kinds of unnecessary or frivolous topics and items.

For instance, the food storage section consists of detailed and easy to follow instructions on obtaining and storing the basic necessities such as wheat, salt, etc. I especially liked the section explaining 5 gallon pail storage and the method of using oxygen absorbers to prolong shelf life. I am not a prepping expert, but I am not a newbie either, and this is the first time that I have come across this information in such an easy to follow format. I also found the reviews and info regarding grain mills to be valuable in my search for the right one for me. The shelf life recommendations for various foods was good, solid info also.

The section on comfort food I feel will prove to be quite valuable as well in the long run. Learning that given the choice between bland, tasteless food ad nauseaum, or starvation, that some people have chosen starvation historically, is quite sobering.

The remaining sections contain info on medical needs, survival gear, the so called “Bug-Out Bag”, as well as recommendations on firearms according to budget. All basic, solid information that should be taken to heart.

In conclusion, I feel that this E-Book is quite valuable as a sort of bare bones, skeletal prepping outline. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in being prepared, whether newbie or experienced prepper.

You can download the E-Book in its entirety absolutely free at:


In past weeks, we have studied the links between Secret Societies and the implementation of the New World Order. We will study today how the Vatican may now be thoroughly controlled by these Secret Societies as they move to complete the New World Order Religion, which they feel is an indispensable part of their New World Order.

We will be discussing this subject from several sources: "The Broken Cross", by Peirs Compton, 1981. "The Occultic Conspiracy: Secret Societies -- Their Influence and Power in World History", by Michael Howard, 1989. "Behold A Pale Horse", by Christian author Bill Cooper, 1991.

Let us look first at "The Broken Cross".

Compton is an ex-editor of a Catholic newspaper, "The Universe". He traces the alleged infiltration of the Roman church by the Illuminati. The author is a traditional and still practicing Catholic, who has written this book as a protest against the Catholic Church abandoning its traditional teachings on Christian doctrine. Compton laments:

"There is a feeling abroad that our civilization is in deadly peril. It is a recent awareness...For civilization declines when reason is turned upside down, when the mean and based, the ugly and corrupt, are made to appear the norms of social and cultural expressions...when evil, under a variety of masks takes the place of good."

"We of this generation...have become the willing, unconscious, or resentful victims of such a convulsion. Hence, the air of futility that clings about us, a feeling that man has lost faith in himself and in existence as a whole...Never before has man been left without guide or compass...divorced from reality...without religion." (p1-3)

Compton then lists some of the Catholic Churches' failings in recent years: Decline in belief of absolutes (p.2-3) Its readiness to compromise with the evil in this world, rather than holding the line against it. (p.3) Preaching of Humanism in the name of Christian charity. (p.3) Changing from being the inflexible enemy of Communism to taking part in compromising "dialogue", thus contributing to the ruin of society. Surrendered its creed of One True God in heaven for the false creed that there are many gods in Heaven and Earth. (p.3)

Compton then asks the critical question -- "what has caused the changes in the Church"? After acknowledging that most people naturally reject the idea of a "conspiracy", the author states, we "see...the working out of an age-long and deliberate scheme to destroy the Church from within. Yet there is more proof of every kind for the existence of such a conspiracy than there is for some of the commonly accepted facts of history...Secret scheming, hidden ... from the academic as from the public mind, has been the background or driving force of much world history." (p. 4)

At this point, we feel the need to talk about the concept of an inner conspiracy in world events. Indeed, many people scoff at such a concept; yet, we remind our listeners of two facts:

1. The Bible states clearly and often that Satan has been conspiring against God from the beginning of world history to attempt to take control of this universe from God's hands. Both Satan and God work through human agents to control this world. We see this scenario in Daniel 10, where Daniel prays for 21 days for an answer to prayer. When God's angel comes to him after this period of time, he tells Daniel that God had given His answer to Daniel's plea on the first day of Daniel's praying and He had commissioned this particular angel to deliver the answer. However, this angel had been delayed by Satan's demons, who were battling God's angels in the supernatural realm. What was the battle over? To see which force would actually control the kings of the earth, as they made daily decisions that would affect the history of man. The Bible teaches conspiracy of Satan and his earthly followers against God and His saints.

2. The renowned historian, Edward Gibbons, wrote in his masterful work, "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", that the major reason for the fall of the 1,200-year Roman Empire was an inner, most secret conspiracy within the government itself. All the while that the conspirators were wreaking their damage, they masterfully deceived the citizens of the Empire, through lies and through scoffing at the stupidity of anyone who dared suggest such a thing as a conspiracy. Anyone who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it, so we must wake up and take notice of the reality of the conspiracy in our midst.

Now let us return to the words of Compton concerning the current Roman Catholic Church:

"The urge for world domination, whether by force of arms, culture, or religion, is as old as history...." (p.5)

After tracing some of the attempts to take control of the Papacy by non-Christian elements, Compton then comes to Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit priest who created the Masters of the Illuminati, about which we have spoken repeatedly. Compton states, "...Adam Weishaupt could view the prospect before him with a military mind. He had thrust and vision. He knew the value of surprise, which is grounded in secrecy...He was single-minded....He would blend mankind into one whole, eliminate tradition...suppress dogma..." Weishaupt "set himself apart from his fellows in the name of universal brotherhood. The ideal state that Weishaupt had in mind was...founded upon the impossible dream of human perfection...On the First day of May, 1776, the secret society that was to profoundly affect much subsequent history came into existence as the Illuminati.

"The Illuminati had ...a plan ...they decided on a most ambitious line of conduct. It would form and control public opinion. It would amalgamate religions by dissolving all the differences of belief and ritual that had kept them apart; and it would take over the Papacy and place an agent of its own in the Chair of Peter." (p. 7-8)

These Plans were written in 1776.

Later, a member of the Illuminati, Nubius, writing in 1818, stated that the goal of the Illuminati, is "the complete annihilation of Catholicism, and even ultimately of Christianity. Were Christianity to survive, even upon the ruins of Rome, it would, a little later on, revive and live." (p. 13). Later, we will examine the same goals as expressed in the New Age book, "The Occult Conspiracy". Compton continues to quote Nubius' explanation of the need for the Illuminati to infiltrate the Papacy:

"The Papacy has been for seventeen hundred years interwoven with the history of Italy. Italy can neither breathe nor move without the leave of the Supreme Pontiff...It is necessary to seek a remedy. Very well, a remedy is at hand. The Pope...will never enter into a secret society. It therefore becomes the duty of the secret societies to make the first advance to the Church and the Pope, with the object of conquering both." (p.13)

This is nothing more than a call to the Illuminati to infiltrate the Papacy. Thus, the goal from the beginning (1776) was to plant an avowed Illuminist into the Papacy, while the rank and file of the Catholic Church were to be completely unaware that this had occurred. Nubius then recognized that this process may take many, many years. He foresaw the need to invade and take over convents and seminaries, to win the minds of nuns and especially the priests who rise to become Cardinals. Cardinals elect the Pope. (p. 12-15).

How was Weishaupt financed in his drive to establish the Masters of the Illuminati? Compton explains:

"He (Weishaupt) was backed financially, a group of bankers under the House of Rothschild. It was under their direction that the long-range and worldwide plans of the Illuminati were drawn up..."

Compton then confirms the Occultic spiritual nature of this Illuminati plan for a New World Order.

"The claim to be possessed of an other-world influence may not have been wholly false... having the tests that made a full-blooded Illuminati (the ceremony took place at night, in an underground vault near Frankfurt)..." (p. 8-9). Remember our discussion, last week, of the initiations of the American Skull and Bones society? They also carried out their initiation in an underground tomb, or vault in the middle of the night. Remember, Anton LeVey reveals in his book, Satanic Rituals, that such a ceremony is standard in Satanism.

Compton records more of the occultic influence of the Masters of the Illuminati. "...Some rites and symbols derived an undeniable significance from what is generally called Black Magic, or from the invocation of a Satanic power whose potency runs like a sinister streak..."

"By a man guided and commanded...The Illuminati made use of ... a pyramid, or triangle, which has been long known to initiates as a sign of mystic or solar faith. At the top of that pyramid, or sometimes at its base, was, and in fact, still is, the image of a separate human Eye, which has been variously referred to as the open eye of Lucifer...or the eternal watcher of the world and the human scene."

"The pyramid was one of the symbols that represented the unknown and nameless deity in pre-Christian cults. Centuries later, it was resurrected as a symbol of the destruction of the Catholic Church; and when the first phase of that destruction had been brought those who had infiltrated and since occupied some of the highest places in the Church, they reproduced it as a sign of their success."

Compton then shocks us all with this following revelation:

"It (this All-Seeing Eye) overlooked the crowds who gathered for the Philadelphia Eucharistic Congress in 1976. It was taken up by the Jesuits who edited the Society's year book; and it appeared on a series of Vatican stamps issued in 1978." (p. 10-11). Christian author, Bill Cooper, confirmed this fact verbally to me by telephone when I called his assistant to try to independently confirm this shocking information.

Compton more specifically identifies the true meaning of this All-Seeing Eye:

"The Eye, which can be traced back to the Babylonian moon worshippers, or astrologers, came to represent the [Pagan] Egyptian Trinity of Osiris, the sun; Isis, the moon goddess; and their child, Horus..." (p. 11-12).

In fact, one of the identifying marks of Paganism is their worship of the Trinity as Father, Virgin Mother, and Son. One finds this Pagan Trinity in virtually every organized Pagan religion in the world.

Compton continues to examine the progress of the Plan of the Illuminati to infiltrate the Catholic Church from within.

"By mid-1800's, the State of Italy had been taken over by the Illuminati" (p. 17). But, still, the religious office of the Papacy was outside their control.

At this point, we should remember that the Papacy and the entire Roman Catholic Church was being fatally weakened by the inclusion of false, Pagan doctrine. It was only a matter of time before the Illuminati would be able to topple the Papacy by successfully implanting one of their own. The Papacy was doomed to fall like a tree which had been rotting for centuries before it suddenly fell under the onslaught of the persistent wind. This goal of infiltrating the Vatican with an Illuminist is also detailed in a book, The Occult Conspiracy, by Michael Howard, in Chapter 7 entitled "Secrets In the Vatican", pages 141-160.

This supreme Illuminati goal of infiltrating their own into the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church was not successful until the early 1960's, when Vatican II was convened. Compton states, "the liberals or progressives, secure in having brought the designs of the secret societies to a successful conclusion, were exultant...The entire world of religion was now permeated by its influence..." (p. 62)

"In less than a decade the church [had] been transformed from an implacable foe of Communism into an active and quite powerful advocate of coexistence with Moscow and Red China. At the

same time, revolutionary changes in its centuries-long teachings have moved Rome closer and that of humanistic, neo-Paganism, of the National and World Council, and World Council of Churches." (p. 62-63).

"When the effects of the Second Vatican Council became apparent, Doctor Rudolf Griurber, Bishop of Regensbury, was led to observe that the main ideas of the French Revolution, 'which represents an important element in Lucifer's Plan, were being adopted in many spheres of Catholicism'". Remember, Compton is a lifelong and still-practicing Catholic. As one reads his book, he is reminded of the attitude of the writer of Lamentations.

Compton continues:

"Although conducted largely behind the scenes...the struggle between the Church and the secret societies has been more bitter and prolonged than any international conflict... " (p. 75)

Now that the Vatican II had implemented Lucifer's Plan, as Bishop Griurber had observed, Compton then reveals the next step of the Illuminati Plan:

"It now remained to round off a truly historic visit with an initiatory rite that would put the seal on this newly admitted realization..". Thus, "Pope Paul, on October 4, 1965, spoke to United Nations, October 4, 1965), (p.67) a speech "which propagated the social gospel so dear to the heart of revolutionaries, without a single reference to the religious doctrines that they [the revolutionaries] found so pernicious". (p. 68)

After the speech, Pope Paul VI went to the Meditation Room of the U.N. "A carefully edited bulletin, that supposedly dealt with the meaning and purpose of the room, was produced by the Lucis Press, which issues printed matter for the United Nations." The fact that Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Satanic nature of this organization. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey to be the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Blavatsky. In 1923, Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, undoubtedly because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books, especially all of Bailey's books, are published by Lucis Trust.

Now let us return to the story of the visit of Pope Paul VI to the United Nations on October 4, 1965.

"This [meditation] room was a centre of the Illuminati, given over to the Cult of the All-Seeing Eye that under a system of allegories and veiled secrets...was dedicated to the service of pagan cults, and the obliteration of Christian in favour of humanistic beliefs." (p.68-69)

This occultic initiation ritual by Pope Paul VI in the Meditation Room of the United Nations "represented the early stage of a scheme, the fulfillment of which would be...the erection of the Temple of Understanding, on fifty acres of the Potomac in Washington, D.C....The underlying

purpose of the Temple was plainly revealed by its...All-Seeing Eye...that represented six world faiths -- Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism, and Christianity..." This abdication means that the Pope no longer considers himself to be the "Vicar upon earth of Jesus Christ". (p.70-71).

The stage is thus set for the formation and announcement of the New World Order Religion. This new religion will be a combining of all world's religions, which means the death knell to the Separateness of True Christianity. Remember Jesus' words, "I AM the Way, The Truth, and the Life; no man comes unto the Father but by Me". (John 14:6) This dramatic assertion means that none of the other religions individually nor the New World Order Religion can provide the way to the Father in Heaven. By infiltrating and taking over the Roman Catholic Papacy, Satan will have won a huge victory, and the stage will be set for the unfolding of the events foretold in the book of Revelation.

Now consider the next step which Pope Paul VI took, as recorded by Compton: "He also made use of a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent of broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for anti-Christ." (p. 72) On page 56 Compton prints a picture of the current Pope, John Paul II, holding this bent or broken cross.

How shocking that a Roman Catholic Pope could or would utilize a known Satanic object, representing Anti-Christ, and to have the faithful in the crowd bow before it and revere it. We are reminded of the prophecy in Revelation 13:12, that the False Prophet shall cause the peoples of the earth to deify (worship) the Anti-Christ.

But the worst is Compton's revelation yet to come.

Pope Paul then appeared at Yankee Stadium "wearing the Ephod the ancient garment...worn by Caiphas...who called for the crucifixion of Christ." (Ibid.)

"Within a few days of Paul's return to Rome, the Bishop of Cuernavaca, Mendes Arceo, was declaring that 'Marxism is necessary in order to realize God's kingdom at the present time'; while Pope Paul let it be known that Rome...was ready to take a new look at secret societies." (p.72)

"One summer morning, 1976, young Catholic seminarians were greatly alarmed by a revelation in a journal called the "Borghese...for the paper contained a detailed list of clerics, some holding the most exalted offices, who were said to be members of secret societies. It was staggering news, for...the students were acquainted with...Canon Law 2335, [which] expressly declares that a Catholic who joined any such society became excommunicate...while Canon 2336 was concerned with disciplinary measures to be enforced against any cleric" who might join a secret society.

Michael Howard New Age author of "The Occult Conspiracy", speaks of this same list, but goes further to reveal that most of these Catholic officials were members of Freemasonry. (p. 152) Howard stated that some of these high Vatican officials were: Pope Paul VI's private secretary Director-General of Vatican Radio Arch-Bishop of Florence Prelate of Milan Assistant Editor of the Vatican paper Seven Italian Bishops Abbot of the Order of Saint Benedict (p. 152)

These students were shocked at this revelation because repeated Papal Bulls have been issued against secret societies, beginning with Pope Clement XII (1738) and ending with Pope Pius XI, who died in 1939.

This article was denied most vociferously by a Catholic writer, in the periodical, L'Aurora, M. Jacques Ploncard, who asserted that no prelate had been affiliated with a secret society since 1830. However, determined investigators, some posing as members of the Government, gained access to the Italian Register of Secret Societies and compiled a list of Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops who were members of secret societies. This list included 125 prelates. Compton then lists of these names on pages 78-84. The stage was now set for full Papal approval of membership in secret societies. On November 27, 1983, Pope John Paul II, the current Pope, issued the Papal Bull which legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics.

Now we can understand how it is that Pope John Paul II can so brazenly display the occultic bent or broken cross. Now we can understand how Pope John Paul can eagerly pursue domination of the New World Order, as asserted by Malachi Martin in his book, The Keys Of This Blood. Martin is a retired Jesuit priest, who taught at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute.

Finally, after over 200 years, the Masters of the Illuminati Secret Society, the originators of the concept of The New World Order, have achieved one of their major objectives, the infiltrating of their own Illuminist as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. This breakthrough occurred, as we have already stated, in the early 1960's when Pope Paul VI came into power. This time period also fits in with the general period of spiritual degradation and apostasy which we have noted in earlier programs and in our seminar. Interestingly, Christian author Bill Cooper, in his book, Behold A Pale Horse, states, "In 1952, an alliance was formed bringing...together for the first time in history: The Black Families (European Nobility which have historically practiced occultic spiritualism), The Illuminati, The Vatican, and the Freemason, now working together to bring about the New World Order." (p. 80)

Michael Howard adds the final footnote to this entire subject, as he concludes his chapter on the involvement of the Vatican in the drive to the New World Order. Remember, Howard is not criticizing the Vatican; rather, he is a New Age writer who is enthusiastic about this turn of events. Howard states, "At the celebrations in honour of St. Francis of Assisi in 1986, which stressed the unity of all the world's religions, the Pope participated in a multi-religious prayer for

world peace. Traditionalists were horrified to see the Pontif happily share a platform with a Tibetan Lama, a Hindu swami, a Native American medicine man, a Jewish Rabbi, and a Maori high priest...The unity of all the world's religions and the recognition that they all derived from the same ancient source is the central philosophy of the secret societies."

At this point, remember Jesus' words, "Ye shall know them by their fruits". The drive to the New World Order has seen its most significant progress occur under the leadership of men who appeared most conservative and traditional on the outside. Do not be deceived.

Finally, at a seminar in Boston, in August, 1990, the New England director of the Theosophical society boldly and enthusiastically stated that the Plan for the implementation of the Pagan New World Order Religion called for the Roman Catholic Pope to travel to Jerusalem at the right moment in world history to convene a special global religious conference . This conference would be attended by all the world's religions. At this conference, the Pope would announce that from this moment forward, all the world's religions would be one. The ultimate goal of the Masters of the Illuminati would finally be fulfilled, lead by the Pope.

But, why should we be surprised, because Adam Weishaupt was a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest. Thus, we see the Roman Catholic Church present at the beginning of this New World Order conspiracy and at the end.

Do not be deceived.
Source: Cutting Edge Radio Show Archives

Monday, January 11, 2010


I. Definition

The Anti-Christ is a person who will come to power at the end of the age. He will claim to be Jesus Christ coming the Second Time.

"He is the head of the last form of Gentile world dominion, and must be of Gentile origin." (Rev 13:1; 17:15, P-332). He must also arise out of the Gentile World, (Daniel 9:26-27).

II. Characteristics

A. Office

* "His influence is world-wide". (Rev 13:8, P-333) God revealed at the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) that His plan for the nations of the world is to have sovereign nations, none of whom would be allowed absolute control over all the earth. However, during the last days, Anti-Christ would be allowed supreme dictatorship over the entire earth. This dictatorship would be political, spiritual, and economic. We see his political control in Revelation 13:16, where he forces both small and great to take the Mark of the Beast. The word "great" here literally means those who are politically powerful. We see the spiritual aspect in his forcing every one to worship him (Rev 13:8). Finally, we see the economic dictatorship in Revelation 13:16-17, where no one can buy or sell anything without the Mark of the Anti-Christ.

* "He eliminates three rulers in his rise to power." (Daniel 7:8, 24, P-333). Interestingly, these 3 rulers whom the Anti-Christ destroys in his rise to power are part of 10 Kings which shall rule the world in the last days. These Kings are also referred to as Horns and Toes.(Daniel 2:41-44 & 7:24). Many scholars have taught that these 10 Kings represent the European Common Market (the Old Roman Empire). However, we would prefer a much broader interpretation as to the identity of the 10 Toes of Daniel 2. We feel that the language of Daniel 2 and 7 indicate that the final kingdom spoken of is not a Revived Roman Empire; rather, it is the final form of a Roman Empire that never passed out of existence. In its final form, it will expand to cover the entire world. This interpretation would seem consistent with the known interpretation of the Man's Figure in Daniel 2, of which the 10 toes are the final part. This interpreta-tion would also be consistent with J. Dwight Pentecost's conclusion in his book, "Things To Come".

God seems to be foretelling here that the world's nations in the last days shall be reorganized into 10 Super-Nation states. As soon as this reorganization is completed, the Anti-Christ will arise (the Eleventh Horn, Daniel 7:8). New World Order planners have already devised their 10-Nation Reorganization. In 1974, a book entitled "Mankind At The Turning Point" devised a reorganization of the world's 170+ sovereign nations into 10 Super-Nations. We have listed these 10 Super Nations for you:

1. North America

 2. Western Europe

3. Japan

4. Australia, South Africa, and the rest of the market economy of the developed world.

5. Eastern Europe, including Russia

6. Latin America

7. North Africa and the Middle East

8. Tropical Africa

9. South and Southeast Asia

10. China

Early in 1991, George Bush and Congress began to create the economic entity comprised of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The North American Super-Nation state is soon to be reality. Western Europe is the European Economic Community, which became an economic reality in December, 1992. Japan and China currently exist. Russia has now staged its disintegration so that its union with Eastern Europe can occur. Every other regional entity comprising this organization could be created in one hour of time, by simple vote of the United Nations. The time is really very late.

* " Anti-Christ is the head of Satan's lawless system (II Thess 2:3). He is the supreme example of rebellion against God." Blasphemy can be expressed in two basic ways:

1. Saying things which slander the character of God or which demean Him

2. Claiming to be God

The Anti-Christ will be guilty of both these blasphemies. Daniel pictures him in 7:20 as a horn which had a mouth speaking great things; Daniel 11:36 reveals he shall "exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and speak astonishing things against the God of gods.." We see this most clearly in the claim which Maitreya shall make that he is a Seventh-Level Occultic Adept whereas the Christ Consciousness which came upon Jesus Christ was only a Fourth-Level Adept. (Constance Cumbey, "Hidden Dangers Of The Rainbow", p. 96-97). How will the peoples of the world respond to this incredible blasphemy? Daniel 11:36 predicts he shall "prosper until ...that which is determined by God shall be done." In Revelation 13, we see the Anti-Christ successfully convincing the peoples of the world that he is god and is thus worthy of adoration, worship, and loyalty. Expression of this loyalty will require every unsaved person on earth to allow a mark to be permanently implanted in their hands and foreheads.

B. Personal Characteristics

* " Anti-Christ will be marked by intelligence, persua-siveness" (Daniel 7:8, 20; 8:23). Further, he will have an "understanding of dark trickery" (8:23), which means he will be an adept in the occult. This mastery of the occult will give him great power over the other leaders of the world. History records that Adolf Hitler possessed the occultic ability to overpower other world leaders in one-on-one dis-cussions by the force of the occultic power within him.

Indeed, the New World Order Plan states Anti-Christ will be the Supreme Adept of all time (Alice Bailey, "The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy). Occultic mastery has long been symbolized as the all-seeing eye (remember our $1 bill?).

* "He will be reknowned for his subtlety and craftiness (Ezekiel 28:6)". Another way of phrasing this is that he will be supremely deceitful. Daniel 8:23, 25, uses words like "understanding dark trickery and craftiness" to describe Anti-Christ. His deceit will help him achieve his goals. Remember Jesus' warnings in Matthew 24:11 & 24, that this false Christ will be allowed to show such "great signs & wonders so as to deceive even the very elect, if possible." These warnings of deceitful activities takes us to Revelation 13:13-14, where the False Prophet and Anti-Christ will be able to perform such false supernatural "miracles" that the peoples of the world are deceived. In past programs, we have reported on what some of these seemingly supernatural "miracles" are planned to be, and we will be reporting on still more on future programs.

The great over-riding feature of the entire system of the Anti-Christ -- the New World Order -- is blatant deceit. In fact, New World Order writers boast of their planned dec-eptions, because they arrogantly believe the great majority of the world's population is too stupid and lazy to know what is best for them. Only the New World Order Planners know what is best for the world, and they have determined that they can achieve their goals only by deliberate deception of the poor masses. (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49; Peter LeMesurier, "The Armageddon Script", 215-252).

* "He receives his authority from Satan and is controlled by Satan" (Rev 13:4; Daniel 8:25). Anti-Christ will attempt to annihilate Christians during the last 3 1/2 years (Daniel 7:25, 12:7, & Rev 13:1-6). Why would God allow those who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior to be slaughtered? God reveals, in Daniel 11:34, that "It will be a test, to refine, to purify, and to make those among God's people white, even to the time of the end." (Daniel 11:35). Incredibly, God has a specific number of Christian martyrs in mind, as we see in Revelation 6:9-11. "When the Lamb broke open the fifth seal I saw at the foot of the altar the souls of those whose lives had been sacrificed for adhering to the Word of God and for the testimony they had borne...they were each given a long and flowing white robe, and told to rest until the number should be complete of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed as they themselves had been." Revelation 12:11 further illustrates this martyrdom, "...for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death..."

This temporary victory of Anti-Christ over the followers of Jesus Christ is illustrated in Daniel 12:7b, as God predicts Anti-Christ's victory shall "crush the power of the holy people" and "make an end of shattering". Jesus Christ will personally intervene when He physically returns to destroy the power of Anti-Christ, casting him into Hell.

* God has assigned the number '666' to the person and the name of the Anti-Christ (Revelation 13:17-18). Since the Anti-Christ will be an all-powerful dictator, we believe his system may embody many of the same characteristics ascribed to him. Thus, elements of his system will be identified with the number '666'. Interestingly, God's revelation is given in the 13th Chapter, verse 18. Is it coincidence that the number 18 is 6+6+6? Christian author, Mary Relfe, in her book, "The New Money System", states "In 1798, a Methodist Minister, Adam Clarke, wrote, 'The Mark of the Beast will be an 18-digit Number, 6+6+6.' In 1977, Dr. Hanrick Eldeman, Chief Analyst for the European Economic Community, announced that he was ready to begin assigning a Number to every person in the world; and that he 'plans to use a three six-digital unit, 18 Numbers'". (p.152 Is it just coincidence that each American today is personally identified already with a 9-digit Social Security Number plus a 9-digit Zip Code? We believe the time is very late.

III. Appearance

* "He will appear on the scene in the latter time of Israel's history" (Daniel 8:23), and "his rise comes through his peace program (Daniel 8:25, Pentecost, p. 333). The world today has been conditioned through our many wars and rumors of wars to desire peace at almost any cost. Headlines today scream a desire for Peace and Safety, just as the Apostle Paul predicted in 1 Thess 5:2. The birth pangs (Matthew 24) which shall give birth to the Anti-Christ are tremendous acts of violence and upheaval, wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes all over the world, famines, and pestilences. As we discussed two weeks ago, these events will be occurring in the immediate time-frame preceding Anti-Christ's appearance. In fact, Maitreya the Christ will appear in the midst of such upheavals and disasters, receiving credit for solving them. This seemingly Super-Natural power to solve all these disasters will form the basis for most of the world's citizenry to accept him as Messiah. Anti-Christ will be supported by the many false miracles which the False Religious Prophet will perform on his behalf. Through the work of the False Prophet, the Anti-Christ will command worship to his talking statue (Rev 13:15) under the threat of physical death. At this point, Anti-Christ and the False Prophet are working hand-in-glove.

However, both Anti-Christ and the leaders of the 10-Nation Confederation will hate the False Prophet and his religious system. This hatred will be so pervasive that, at the earliest possible moment, they will destroy the False Religious system, which Jesus calls the "Great Harlot". We see the prophecy unfolding in Rev 17:16, "...the 10 horns that you saw, they and the beast will be the very ones to hate the harlot; they will make her desolate, and they will strip her and eat up her flesh, and utterly consume her with fire." This sounds ominously like atomic weapons; indeed, Alice Bailey continued her dissertation on the Anti-Christ's usage of atomic weapons. She said "...[the Atomic bomb] belongs to the United Nations for use or ...threatened use when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head...It does not matter whether that aggression [occurs] from either nations or ... the Church of Rome, who as yet are unable to leave politics alone..." (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 548).

Thus, you can see the hostility of the New World Order planners toward the Roman Catholic Church, against whom Alice Bailey has just threatened atomic warfare.

* Anti-Christ's appearance will "be preceded by a departure, either a departure from the faith or a departure of the Saints to be with the Lord." (II Thess 2:1-3). (Penecost, p. 332). As we have repeatedly asserted in the past several weeks, this departure from the faith is already occurring. The liberal Protestant Churches who are part of the World Council of Churches have denied the deity of Jesus Christ, the inerrancy of Scripture, and many other key doctrines. Once this departure from the faith is sufficiently completed, Anti-Christ can appear. We are at this point now with the National Council and World Council of Churches.

If the Holy Spirit intended the above departure to refer to the rapture of the Saints of God, Anti-Christ cannot be revealed until after the rapture. Indeed, many scholars hold this view.

Only time will tell which interpretation is correct, but we Christians should be prepared to endure the deceptive appearance of Anti-Christ. Since it is possible for Christians to see the appearance of Anti-Christ, how are we to know for certain that we are looking at the false? The Bible does give us definite guidance.

1. The False Christ will precede the True.

2. Jesus teaches (Matthew 24:31-41) that all Christians will meet Jesus Christ in the air. Paul reaffirms this teaching in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. So, if your feet are firmly on the ground when you are looking at the person claiming to be Jesus Christ, you know he is false.

3. Biblical prophecy indicated two comings of Messiah. He was to come as Suffering Servant and as Conquering King. We know Jesus fulfilled the Suffering Servant prophecies in His first coming. When He returns the second time, He will come as Conquering King. Therefore, He will not be repeat-ing any of His Suffering Servant Prophecies, such as riding into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. Yet, Anti-Christ's Planners will stage this prophecy-fulfillment. Also, when False Messiah appears, he will come as a man of peace, as he "solves" the world's planned disasters. But, when Jesus Christ truly returns, He comes as an Avenging King, whose first official act will be to seize the False Messiah and False Prophet, slaughtering their armies at Armageddon.

4. When Jesus Christ returns, "every eye shall see Him" (Revelation 1:7). This prophecy cannot be fulfilled by Television, because over one-half of all peoples of today's world do not own a television.

5. The Holy Spirit has sealed all Christians to the Day of Redemption. Therefore, He will cause every true believer to know the truth. However, we should take seriously Jesus' words in Matthew 24:26, "if they say to you 'Behold, He is in the wilderness', do not go out there". When Anti-Christ appears, he will be accompanied by tremen-dous psychic power, Super-Natural miracles, subliminals and mind-control messages. I would urge all Christians to not watch him on television, because all these effects will be pouring through.

IV. Demise

God has declared the Anti-Christ is doomed to Hell. Jesus will personally slay the Anti-Christ when He returns. (Daniel 8:25). Then, God establishes His Kingdom through Jesus Christ forever and forever, Amen.

V. Conclusion

The New World Order is the Kingdom of Anti-Christ. His appearance is very close. Biblical prophecies concerning the last days are being uniquely fulfilled today by the plans of the New World Order. Occultic New Age "Guiding Spirits" are also telling their people that the appearance of Anti-Christ is very near. Together, these two sources provide unmistakable evidence that we are heading directly into the Great Tribulation period. What action must we take to prepare ourselves?

1. Purify our hearts and minds through total acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Remember God's revelation in Daniel 11:35, "...thus, the insincere among the people will lose courage and become deserters. It will be a test, to refine, to purify, and to make white those among God's people..." Are you ready spiritually for this refining test, should we have to go through the Great Tribulation? The first step is forgiveness of personal sins through the atoning sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ.

2. The second step in preparedness is to separate ourselves from the world's wicked system. Jesus' words in Rev 18:4 ring out loud and true, "Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues." Many Christians today are tolerating sin in their lives because to eliminate it may require getting out of the evil system which is creating the opportunity to sin. Perhaps you are working in a job which requires you to buy or handle merchandise which you know is sinful; perhaps your employers require you to act unethically in order to work for them, i.e., consistently lying.

Perhaps you are knowingly involved in a sinful situation, such as adultery.

NOW is the time to come out of this wickedness, purifying yourselves through the blood of Jesus' sacrifice and beginning to live in obedience to His commandments.

3. Many Christians are knowingly participating in churches which are departing from true Biblical doctrine, trying to stay "positive" about all the "good" things which that church is doing. Remember Paul's words in 1 Cor 5:6, "Do you not know that just a little leaven (false doctrine) will ferment the whole lump of dough? Purge the old leaven that you may be fresh new dough, still unleavened for Christ..."

A small amount of false doctrine, or abandoning true doctrine, can ruin a church. Now is the time for all true Christians to stand forthrightly for the Truth of Jesus Christ.

4. Knowing Scripture is critical. You now need to begin daily Bible reading and memorization. At some point as we move into the New World Order, Christians will be seized and Bibles confiscated. The only Scripture at this point will be what has been memorize.

5. Daily prayer is now a necessity. Create a Prayer List so you can pray for all those people and things in your life which need to be carried before the Lord. Great things can be accomplished through humble prayer.